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David Liebman of David Liebman & Associates, offers thorough handwriting identification and document authentication services to determine
the genuine or fraudulent nature
of questioned documents.
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Backed by more than 30 years of experience
in the field, I have the knowledge needed
to help you. Contact me at (757) 853-4722
and let me put my experience to work for you.
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Learn About David Liebman & Associates

David Liebman of David Liebman & Associates is a forensic document examiner and analyst who can identify handwriting, authenticity of documents, and much more. In short, I am a court-qualified expert in forensic document examinations, who has been serving the state of Virginia for over 30 years. I provide investigations, reports, and testimony towards the resolution of matters involving disputed documents or signatures, including wills, checks, contracts, deeds, account ledgers, medical records, and autograph authentication.
Contact me when you're in need of an expert document examiner for a litigation or court case.